Kerri Sheehan

My interest in photography began quite early in life. My dad was a hobby photographer (and still is) and was constantly snapping photos everywhere we went. As I entered high school, I began to take photography classes and was immediately entranced by process of capturing a moment on film. I spent the school year in the photo lab at school and in summer, alternately shot film and spent days in the hobby shop labs as a way to escape the sweltering Texas heat. Then, as now, I took pictures of people and things and tried to bring a unique and intimate perspective to the subject, tried to show something unexpected, candid, or spontaneous.

I still try to bring the same unique perspective to my current work, whether itís intimate maternity portraits that showcase the beauty inherent in the creation of life, or the seemingly endless gravesites in which I seem to find inspiration these days. Life and death, contemplation and whimsy, and everything in between, captured through the magic of film. (And, yes, I still shoot primarily on film.) Thatís what gets my juices flowing.

all text and images © Kerri Sheehan, 2005