Okay...So it's one of the hottest days of the year…and what do I have the urge to do? Spend some time outside, skulking about in some of our local cemeteries (in the hottest part of the hottest day) taking pictures. But not just any pictures, POLAROIDS! With my one of my vintage Polaroid Land cameras.

I have to say…I had never used the B&W film outdoors and I'm very pleased. I love this camera, I love this film, I love the instant gratification. I love the depth of field. I love the slight fuzziness it brings to the photos.This camera, with its two speeds and 'lighter-darker'dial exposure adjustment is a lot of fun.


In Austin last year, I was looking for unique monuments to photograph on a beautiful winter day. In one cemetery we visited, I was surprised to find that people had decorated the gravesites and surrounding trees with Christmas decorations. This was something I’d never encountered before and I found it fascinating. But beyond the Christmas decorations, there were also dolls, toys, statuary, lawn ornaments, lawn furniture, flags (both American and novelty flags) and wind chimes. And on a subsequent visit at the end of March, I found it decorated for Easter.

These photos were taken on my most recent visit, in late May.

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