Last night we had a hell of a storm and shortly after I got home, the power went out. At that point, it had stopped raining, so I grabbed the digital and scampered off to Rock Creek Cemetery...


Today, I was in Baltimore looking for some new cemeteries, seeing if I could find decorations like the ones in Austin. I didn't find any, but it was a beautiful day and I found some really interesting monuments. I went to Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery and Baltimore Cemetery. When i got back to Washington, I went to St. Mary's, Glennwood, and Rock Creek Cemtery.

Though I did shoot some black and white film (which will be posted soon), it was such a pleasant day, I couldn't let that beautiful blue sky go to waste.

The strange thing was that unlike in Austin, in every cemetery I visited, I had the place pretty much to myself...except for the fox in Baltimore Cemetery and the Deer in Rock Creek. But I kinda liked it that way, it made the whole thing so much more intimate.


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